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Star Flight Drone Shows

Star Flight Drone Shows is located in the Lehigh Valley and is dedicated to creating custom drone shows which connect with audiences while also making drone shows much more financially accessible for private events and local celebrations. 

With its fleet of 85 drones, Star Flight takes the sky and is able to create various 3D and animated figures.  Music is often added to the performance which provides a much more deep and rich emotional experience.

The drones flown by Star Flight are manufactured in Italy by Flyfire.  They weigh 270 grams (9.5 ounces) and are 190 mm (7.5 inches) square.  They can safely fly for up to 20 minutes.  The lights glow at an impressive 600 lumens and can be boosted to 900 lumens in bursts.

Star Flight is one of the few operators in the country who has been granted a nationwide waiver by the FAA which allows unrestricted operations in any location where controlled airspace is greater than 400’ AGL.

As a division of Celebration Fireworks, our mission is to provide spectacular family entertainment and create moments and memories to last a lifetime.

To see more of Star Flights capabilities, drop in at

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Drone Cadets


Drone Cadets aims to bridge that gap by exposing everyone, starting as young as 8 years old.

Drone Cadets is a unique Drone Education Program designed to produce safe and responsible drone pilots of any age. Our Certified Drone Instructors have taught thousands of students. We work with schools and organizations throughout the greater NY area and beyond to bring life-changing technology education to families and under-served populations here and throughout the world.

Drone Cadets will be at Area 57, providing drone show demos at Warren County Technical School. 

Drone Light Show Demos kick off  at 10 am, in the John B. LaPorta Theatre. Check the schedule for more show times.

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Drone Soccer


with Droneversity
The future jobs of today's youth don't exist yet. Droneversity's youth Drone Programs uses the fun of drones to generate interest in and early exposure to STEAM studies and careers. K-12 students gain STEAM skills needed for future success. Drone Soccer is just one way to achieve this.
Check out this video to see what it's all about.
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