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A One Of A Kind Show


More About Balloomination

As twilight begins to take hold, people gather with excitement, you can feel the anticipation in the air. A sense that you are about to see something that has never been seen before. Something different, something wonderful. Maybe you have seen a balloon glow before, but you are told that this one is not the same old thing.

The traditional old style “balloon glow” has been done with music playing in the background. This gives a nice stage while the pilots attempt to blast in time with the tune. The problem is that the timing is quite “hap hazard” giving the appearance of a scattered and random presentation with no intent. The pilots try to match the musical beat, but they never quite get the timing. 

Balloomination is the vision of pilot, Tom Robins and a result of years of experience, experimentation and development with hot air balloon burner systems, sound systems, and computer equipment. This, along with show content, has proven to be an awesome crowd pleaser. Balloomination is more than just balloons. It uses US patented technology to achieve perfection in glowing balloons. In addition to the glow technology, Tom Robins has incorporated a four-kilowatt sound system. This gives the audience a high fidelity experience compared to the typical “loud speaker” environment present at most outdoor events.

Balloomination transforms a typical “balloon glow” into the center stage show. It is an impressive, magical, stands a lone presentation of hot air balloons glowing in perfect time with a musical performance. 

Balloomination Sponsors

Balloomination is supported in part by 

Warren County Cultural and Heritage Division of Land Preservation.

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