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April 29, 2023

Calling all people of earth  that are curious about flying objects and other techie things! This event is for you! 

Mark Your Calendar

In addition to Drone Demonstrations at Warren Community College, Area 57 will feature Combat Robots, presentations on How a Balloon Works, suspected alien Fred G Monster special shape hot air balloon, a visit from the Thank You Balloon and some fundraising challenges. 

This event is new for 2023, and will be held on the last day of Droning On event being held free and open to the public by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The FAA event is a 3 day presentation that highlights the societal, economic, and educational benefits of drones.

Read more about Area 57 here.

Download a Flyer

Area 57 will be free for Students/Veterans/Seniors. For others a donation is appreciated but not necessary. Donate here or the day of the event. Donations will help cover the cost of some activities.


Droning on is a free conference put on by the FAA. Registration is required. Learn more about the Droning On event.


For more about the Warren UAS program check out the video below.

Drone Demonstrations
Check out drones of all shapes, sizes and capabilities.
April Annihilation in Arena 57 
1-lb. Plastic Ants and Antweight and 3-lb.  Beetleweight Combat Robot Tournament. 
How A Hot Air Balloon Works
Presentation and hands-on activities by RE/MAX, to show how a hot air balloon works.
Drone Scavenger Hunt
Kids will have fun discovering all the different types of drones there are and all that they can do, by taking the scavenger hunt challenge.
12-WCFF 2018_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Fred G. Monster 
Suspected alien & special shape hot air balloon, Fred G Monster invades Area 57.
Droning On

Area 57 will be held on the last day of the Federal Aviation Administration Droning On event. Click here for more information and to register.

Power Races
Santioned Power Car Race will be set up at neighboring Warren Technical School. 
thank you balloon.JPEG
Thank You Balloon! 
The Thank You Balloon will make a stop on it's US tour. For the backstory of this balloon visit,
Tethered Rides

Take a short up and down ride in a hot air balloon tethered ride. Click here for more information.

Thanks to our Area 57 and Arena 57 Sponsors & Supporters.

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