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About the Balloon Festivals in Warren County, New Jersey

What started as a small gathering of balloon pilots in 2001 by a local balloon pilot, Fred Grotenhuis, has not helped to revitalize the Warren County Farmers' Fair, but has spun off in to  several new traditions in aviation events in Warren .

Read about the history of the events and read more about the charities that the events support.

The charities - Warren Community College Foundation, Fred Grotenhuis Scholarships, and the Fred T. Grotenhuis Veterans Community Center project -  are supported by the festivals at the College, through proceeds from gate revenue and a portion of tethered rides. 


The Fred Grotenhuis Scholarships and the Fred T. Grotenhuis Veterans Community Center project are supported by proceeds from the tethered rides, and in the past, through the Bicycle Balloon Race and sponsor, Unity Bank donating 100% of the revenue from their tethered rides..


Flying Festivals of Warren County is very appreciate of the Warren Community College and Warren County Farmers' Fair Association for the opportunities they provide.

Thanks to our Mega Sponsors 

The following sponsors are supporting 3 or more of our events in a substantial way. We are very thankful to them!

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