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2024 Events

Hot Air Balloons, Drones & Other Fun

Mark Your Calendar For Some Flying Fun

Flying Festivals of Warren County proudly presents 4 ballooning/aviation events in 2024.

The events kick off on May the 4th, 2024, at the Washington Township College campus, off Route 57. Hence the name, Area 57. Expect to see lots of flying objects, that make up a fleet of drones that are part of the expansive Uncrewed Systems program at the College. 

Mark your calendar for June 1 & 2, for the first of 3 balloon festivals in Warren County, New Jersey. Hot Air Balloon, Art & Crafts, is held at the College in Washington. This festival give artists and crafters an opportunity to sell the wares they have been making over the winter! If you are a crafter or artist we are always looking for more vendors.

This year will be our first Chalk Art Contest. Check out details here. Download our Flyer and share!

Mid summer the locals look forward to the Warren County Farmers' Fair, featuring the Hot Air Balloon Festival.  An 8 day event that is two events in one, with one low admission price. 

September 21 & 22 the College hosts our final event - Hot Air Balloons, Fun & Games Festival. If you are a non profit looking to provide an activity while fundraising please fill our our application  here. Other vendors can click here  for the application process.

Please note, prior to purchasing tickets, or planning your visit. Pets are not allowed, nor is alcohol. We make significatn investment to provide a pleasant experience for you and your family, like entertainers and music in addition to the hot air balloons. But we cannot control the weather and should activities be cancelled be aware we cannot refund your ticket purchase.

Upcoming Events

Blue Skies

The Why


Warren Community College support 

The events hosted at the College help bring awareness to the available programs offered. In particular, the College's Phillipsburg location is home to one of the most state of the art Drone pilot training programs, housed at the new Dr. Joseph Warren Robotics Research Center.


Fred Grotenhuis Scholarships

In 2001 Fred Grotenhuis had a vision to reinvigorate and incorporate a hot air balloon festival into the local county Fair. The year Covid hit, the balloon festival was moved temporarily to the College, as the Fair was unable to be held. The balloon festival has since turned in to multiple events at both locations. Each is used to generate funds for local scholarships.  


Fred T. Grotenhuis Veterans Community Center project

Fred Grotenhuis, a life long resident of Harmony Township, Warren County, was a local hero who served his country as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.  The balloon festivals are also used as a vehicle to raise funds for this special project.


Stay tuned for more details.

Thanks to our Balloon Festival Mega Sponsors & Supporters.

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