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Fred T. Grotenhuis Veterans Community Center Project

Getting Closer

When the Fred T. Grotenhuis Veterans Community Center project was started, the dream was for a building were there could be beneficial program and discussion of more holistic ways to heal. Activities like yoga and a place where veterans could get together to know and support one another. Then came Covid and things changed. 

People became more independent and real estate became untouchable for a small, rural area of New Jersey.  People also got a lesson in how important fresh air, exercise and keeping up the immune system was, to both the physical and mental aspects of life.

This was the genesis of the idea of having an outdoor gym, that would essentially be open all the time to deliver many things that were highlighted as priorities during Covid. Above is a diagram of our proposed project. The outdoor gym is planned to be located in the recreational field in Fred's hometown of Harmony, NJ.

Check back as we continue to raise funds for this project throughout 2024.  

Outdoor Gym Fundraising copy.jpg
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