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Area 57

On April 29, 2023 you will be able to get an inside look into our Area 57 and all things Drone & Robotics, with Warren Community College. The Uncrewed Systems program that has been developed since 2017 is one off Warren County's best kept secrets. 

The opportunities it provides are life altering. Above and Beyond, and the argument could be made, out of this world with what they have on the horizon. Come explore Area 57 on April 29th!

Schedule - subject to change
9:30-6:00 pm

This is a new event in 2023, and we are thrilled with the response. We continue to add daily to our list of activities and exhibitors.

Activities will be at both Warren Community College, and Warren County Tech School, which is adjacent to the College. Please bring your walking shoes as there will be some walking involved from parking areas to a variety of activities. 

The event is rain or shine, as we will be able to move some activities inside should the weather not be cooperative.

Activities to date include:

Warren Community College, Washington Campus

9:30-3:00 pm

FAA Droning On: Eastern Edition - Warren Community College building

  - UAV 101 - see schedule and register here.

This event is being run by the FAA and registration is required for this event only. Area 57 is a  free event and does not require tickets or registration.  (Note: there is a fee for tethered balloons rides and food for purchase will be on site.) 

Drone Flying - Grass area to left of school entrance

  - Warren County UAV Demonstrations

  - Vendors 

Arrowhead Drone Demos (indoors) by Uniform Sierra - a US based drone manufacturer building unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for public safety. Their first product, the Arrowhead, is a small UAS that is designed to go into GPS denied environments allowing for SWAT and Search and Rescue teams to get eyes inside dangerous or collapsed indoor environments to gain actionable intelligence.


Drone Zone NJ - Racing Exhibits - at the drone racing port - times TBD

Yoga For Veterans - 8:30-9:30 am

Our Veterans have developed many skills over the course of their careers. We invite all Veterans to come out pre-start for some Yoga For Veterans on Saturday. Meet up is at the Warren Walking Trail Sign by the main building. (Or at the Cafeteria at the Warren Tech if it is raining.) After Yoga enjoy some breakfast from Cafe 57 and then get ready to explore the world of drones & robotics. Skills Veterans already possess make them a natural fit for the program!  Sign up by clicking on the red Get Tickets button below.  

Special Shape Fred G Monster Hot Air Balloon 3 pm

It's time for Inspector Tom Robins of A Lot Of Hot Air to do his annual inspection on Fred G Monster. He will make sure everything is up to snuff as he goes over different parts of inspection. He's going to put some heat into him and make him stand up and do other tricks. We can help him inspect all the panels and appendages. (This will move to the Warren Tech school cafeteria at 4 pm if weather is not cooperating.)

Thank You Balloon Crewing Fun  3 pm     

Learn about what it takes to help crew a balloon or even what it takes to become a student pilot and work towards being a hot air balloon pilot. Learn all the ins and outs as you review balloon safety and participate in a balloon inflation with balloon pilots. The public is welcomed to sign one of the panels of the Thank You Balloon. The balloon is traveling around the world to say Thank You to all that helped us navigate a difficult time! To read more about that special project click here.  (This will move to the Warren Tech school cafeteria 12 noon to 4 pm, if weather is ont cooperating)

Warren County Technical School (adjacent to the College)

9:30 - 6:00 pm

April Annihilation Combat Robot Tournament  - Warren County Technical School Gymnasium

  - Check in for participants 8 am

  - Competition starts at 10 am and runs through 5:30 pm or later

Public can watch the combat as well as speak with the participants to learn about becoming involved.

​RE/MAX How a Hot Air Balloon Works- Walk About Balloon will operate intermittently during this time inside the cafeteria as well.  Kids can check out the balloon close up and even go inside the cold inflated balloon.

Presentations at 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm in the Warren Tech School cafeteria.


Drone Cadets drone light show demos for kids - inside Warren County Tech School, in the John LaPorta Theater. Drone light show, designed by students, followed by a Q&A period for students and the creator of the school program.

Shows begin at 10 am and run every 45 minutes, with a break from lunch between 12-1 pm. (Shows at 10, 10:45, 11:30, 1:45, 2:30 and 3:15)

Drone Soccer by Droneversity & Delaware Drone Soccer

Check out one of the hottest new STEM activities coming to your school! Yes, Drone Soccer is played indoors. The arena will be set up in the gymnasium at Warren Tech.


Shows at 10:30 am and 1:00 pm, followed by Q&A with the kids and instructors.

Vendors attending Droning On & Area 57



Embry Riddle

Tracer Drones


Censys Technologies

Alpha Drones

Uniform Sierra and the Arrowhead Drone

Drone UP/FAA Allentown FSDO


Alpha RTK

Unmanned Safety Institute (USI)

Atlantic Cape Community College

PennState University (Saturday)





Drone Cadets


Star Flight Drone Shows (Saturday)

TSJ Electronics (Thursday and Saturday)

Drone Expo

Manifold Robotics


US Military Recruiters

Aerial Systems Group Consortium


From the Flight Deck Map.jpg

Download the Scavenger Hunt Files to print and bring with you. (Some will also be available at the event)


Scavenger Hut Clues Recorder

Cipher Wheel




To inquire about sponsorship, support, participation, please contact Giulia Grotenhuis at


Thanks to our Area 57 and Arena 57 Sponsors & Supporters.

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