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Drone Demos

Show and Tell Time

Since the inception of the Uncrewed Systems program at Warren Community College, they have expanded their collection to a fleet of 75 drones and robots. Visit Area 57 and check out drones ranging from aerial VTOL drones to Spot the robotic dog, and Amazon's Astro.  Some of the drones you may see from their fleet are listed below. We are planning a scavenger hunt for kids, to help guide them through all the various activities going on during Area 57 and Droning On.

  •   Wingtra 1 and Gen II

  •   Skydio 2

  •   DJI - Phantom 4 Pro, Tello, Spark, Mavic Air, Mavic Mini, Inspire, Matrice RTK 300 and Mavic Enterprise, M30T, & Mavic 2 Zoom

  •   Yuneec Typhoon

  •   Yuneec H520

  •   Yuneec H920

  •   Yuneec Mantis

  •   RoboMaster

  •   Contixo

  •   Parrot - Anafi, Anafi Thermal, Anafi USA, Blue Grass, and Discos

  •   Customized Opteras

  •   Fat Shark

  •   Walkera Rodeo

  •   XAG R150

  •   DJI Agras T30

  •   ebee X

  •   Eilios 3

  •   Boston Dynamics SPOT 

  •   Amazon Astro

  •   Vanguard MK2

  •   Deep Trekker

  •   Bathycat

  •   Blue ROV

  •   Power Ray

  •   Censys Sentaero BVLOS

  •   And many more custom builds and designs

Other activities include Combat Robots in Arena 57 and Droneversity Drone Soccer in the gymnasium at Warren County Technical School, adjacent to the College. Also at the Tech school there will be Drone Light shows by Drone Cadets, in the theatre, and How a Balloon Works with RE/MAX just outside the theatre.

Check out the schedule and other vendors here.


Thanks to our Area 57 and Arena 57 Sponsors & Supporters.

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