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About the Weather

Weather, Hurricane Dates & More

Weather is beyond our control but we want to make sure we share a bit about weather so you can have the best experience and make the best decisions should you wish to attend our events.

Generally, our events are "Rain or Shine" which means if there is occasional rain forecast for the event, and we have an opportunity to hold part, if not all of the planned activities, the event will go on.

What is a Hurricane Date?

When we talk about having a Hurricane date, this is when it is apparent, days before the event, there is  major weather that will prohibit any possibility of activity. If this is the case we will announce the event has being moved. Your tickets are transferrable to that date OR event the next event at Warren Community College.

We advise visitors of the following:

We cannot guarantee balloon activity, but we promise you that we will give it our best shot, within safe operating conditions. 

We cannot refund your money if you bought a ticket and the balloon activity is cancelled.  You can, however purchase "ticket insurance" when you buy online and wish to cancel PRIOR TO 24 hours before the start of your event date.

You can get an idea of the weather by checking and clicking on the radar for Washington NJ, zip code 07882. Click the radar future button and see what the weather holds at flight time.  We recommend you doing this right before you are heading out for the event, as weather constantly is being updated.

Check the hourly breakdown.  Check the winds, rain and storm around the time of flight (6:30 pm in June and 5:15 pm in September.)

Only you can decide if you are willing to risk coming out. If you decide not to come, your tickets will be honored for another day - as long as they have not already been used!  


Generally speaking, if you are looking for instant gratification and want the balloons to be on display during the entire event, balloon festivals are not for you! Balloons don't work that way. We try to provide activities, entertainment and education at our events, while staying one of the most affordable events around.  Visiting can also be a time to relax and enjoy some family time on our great lawn, and perhaps walk our 1.2 mile walking trail. Bring lawn chairs, blankets and small games and enjoy the fresh country air and beautiful property as we prepare for our balloon activity. 

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