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About Tethered Rides

Short up and down hot air balloon rides.

Rates and Important Information

Tether Rides (weather permitting)

$30 per adult • $20 per child ages 4-12.

Ages 3 and under free with paying adult. No infants or toddlers. 


Notes about the Tethered Rides:

Tethered rides are our most popular attraction. So here are some things that are good to know.

  • Start time varies based on weather. Times are general and will be delayed if it is too windy.

  • We sell tickets only at the Balloon Ride Tent, during the event. We do not take reservations. 

  • We will start to sell tickets once the pilot has assessed the conditions on site the day of the tether.  We recommend not purchasing your ticket until we have a general start time. However if you insist (which some do), we will sell you a ticket with the understanding it is not refundable if the tether operates the day of purchase.

  • Buying a ticket early does not hold a place in line. You can get in line when you wish.

  • Once started the tethered rides will generally keep going until weather permits, or line is done. If the balloon gets pulled down because of the weather, we will refund you. We cannot refund you if it goes later than you want to wait.

  • Young children cannot go if either THEY or the PILOT is not comfortable - (child visibly does not want to go, weather conditions are not conducive etc).

A portion of the proceeds benefit the Fred Grotenhuis Scholarships and Fred T. Grotenhuis Veterans Community Center Project.

Thanks to our Balloon Festival Mega Sponsors & Supporters.

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